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Sunday, December 14, 2003



have a T-Mobile Comet phone which has an Android application, Maps, ienlatlsd on it.Unfortunately, I am unable to hear verbally spoken turn-by-turn instructions after I have inputted both the origin and destination addresses.After having input these two addresses I then push the blue-colored arrow entitled Navigate' but I only obtain a map with a blue line shown between the two addresses.If I go down to the lower boxes below the map, however, to something called route information, I am able to tap on the far right box and view turn-by-turn written' instructions guiding me between the origin and destination addresses.This is fine when I'm am in a house, for example, but when I am driving my car I require VERBAL' turn-by-turn instructions guiding me.How can I activate these verbal' instructions which currently appear to be non-existent on my T-Mobile Comet phone?Thanks in advance.PS: I am always able to successfully access both the Internet and GPS signals when using this Map application on my Comet phone.


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