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Sunday, December 07, 2003



Add this code:echo elgg_view('page/elements/comments_block');In the fileelgg/mod/MOD_NAME/views/default/MOD_NAME/sidebar.php for MOD\PLUGINwhen you want to show coemmnts for it.Ex., for TheWire add this code in:elgg/mod/thewire/views/default/thewire/sidebar.phpor create this fileNo need to use array() for it But if you want to show last coemmnts for TheWire on the Bookmarks page yes need use array() function for that subtype Ex., last coemmnts from TheWire' posts on the Bookmarks sidebar:Open the fileelgg/mod/bookmarks/views/default/bookmarks/sidebar.phpAnd add this codeecho elgg_view('page/elements/comments_block', array('subtypes' => 'thewire',));Now you can to see last coemmnts for TheWire on the Bookmarks sidebarAlso, if you want to show last coemmnts from OWNER only..yes in all examples and variants you need to add this code:echo elgg_view('page/elements/comments_block', array('subtypes' => 'YOUR_SUBTYPE','owner_guid' => elgg_get_page_owner_guid(),));Because without 'owner_guid' => elgg_get_page_owner_guid(), will shown ALL last coemmnts from ALL users for that subtype..Sorry for the many words


Seems that that msdia80.dll is some sort of file use by the OS and for some coding deoelvpment. If there is a particular package that is installed it puts it on the root of all your disk partitions (ie your D: drive). As long as there is space on your D partition, which there appears to be, then you can store what you want there. The recovery part of the drive is not accessible (wont have a drive letter assigned to it). Hope that helps. Its also smart, since you have a laptop to also have one of those external USB drives.


I imagine that's why it was catered and is called Data' to store your data on! Companies will quite often ship their computers to their employees with a seperate hard drive for data this means that there is more room to install programs and the data is seperate from it. It helps with fragmentation and stuff too.

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